Northwestern Extract Applications

2017 Flavor Trends

Flavored Sparkling WaterWe are looking forward to 2017 and the new flavor trends coming with the new year.  Get ahead of your competitors with these flavors below.


Florals include rose, lavender, elderflower, orange blossom, and hibiscus.  Pairing these with tropical flavors gives a natural and clean undertone.  Florals will be present all over the board.  Try it in sparkling water, alcoholic beverages and anything in between.  Rose won’t be the only bouquet you’ll be seeing this year!


Spices have been popular for years, but this year people are focusing on spices that are very specific to the Japanese, Mexican, and Indian cultures.  Sure, cinnamon and cardamom are trendy, but curry, harissa, tumeric, and black garlic are going to be big this year.  Try these in dressings, alcoholic beverages, and even ice cream.


Smoked caramels, vanillas, and fruits are going to be big this year. Last year it was all about the salted versions, but adding smoke adds more depth and complexity to normal flavors.


Jackfruit is the next trendy fruit, mainly as a meat replacer.  It is high in fiber to help control hunger, takes on flavors well, has texture similar to meat, and has a few grams of protein per serving. It’s also eaten fresh! Jackfruit is credited with having a “Juicy Fruit”, bright, banana-ish flavor.


Matcha has been trendy the past year or so, but it should stay strong with green teas popularity as well as it’s health benefits.  It has moved into confectionary via truffles and will continue to permeate other food industries.

Flavored Sparkling Waters

Soda sales have been declining for years due to high fructose corn syrup and excessive sugar not correlating with healthy diets.  Consumers don’t favor the flavor of cold pressed juices as much as drinks with carbonation.  Uncolored, unsweetened, naturally flavored sparkling waters remain to rise in sales and popularity and are perceived to be “healthy”.  This keeps consumers hydrated without jeopardizing the enjoyment factor. With so many options of flavored waters, consumers can enjoy endless options.


Coconut oil, flour, sugar, and other byproducts are going to continue playing a key factor in the industry this year.  This trend works well with the gluten free trend and diets such as the Ketogenic diet.  Like the jackfruit, the coconut is very versatile, it can be paired with other trends to increase the popularity.

Plant Water

Coconut water opened the doors for this type of product, but coconut water is no longer alone.  Cactus water, artichoke water, and more are joining the group.  Consumers are moving from sports drinks in an attempt to go back to natural sources.

Tropical fruits

Tropical fruits fascinate consumers.  They are exotic and pair well in other trends such as florals, spices, and flavored sparkling waters.  Tropical fruits are exotic and help with the ever growing fusion of flavors the food, flavor, and restaurant are interested in.  Consumers literally eat this one up!

Looking for a custom flavor?  Our flavor experts can come up with just the right smoke, spice or whatever you are looking to create.  Give us a call today to get started at 1-800-466-3034

Lip balm

Lip Balm Flavoring

Lip balmDry lips are a drag!  Lip balm helps to hydrate lips and protect against the harsh UV light during the cold winter months.  Are you thinking about adding lip balm to your business?  We have flavor experts to help.  Our lip balm flavors are oil soluble and can meet your needs whether you’re looking for natural, artificial or organic.

IFRA Compliant Flavors

We offer a wide range of IFRA (International Fragrance Association) compliant flavors.  Try our sweet pineapple,  peppermint, cotton candy, green apple, cinnamon roll, and pumpkin spice. Or combine our flavors to create your own unique lip balm like a chocolate-strawberry, pomegranate-margarita, chocolate-mint, cherry-bourbon, grape-lime or pineapple-coconut. We continue to add to our lip-smacking portfolio. Keep sending us flavor requests! Our goal is to help our customers create unique flavors.  Mix up a batch of lip balm with our flavor today!  Give us a call at 1-800-466-3034 and we can walk you through adding a great lip balm flavor to your business!


Here are some lip balm flavors for you to try

  • Beer
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Bourbon
  • Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate Strawberry
  • Cinnamon
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Citrus
  • Coconut
  • Cotton Candy
  • Doughnut
  • Ginger
  • Grape
  • Green Apple
  • Lime
  • Mango
  • Margarita
  • Mint
  • Mixed Berry
  • Orange Cream
  • Passion Fruit
  • Peppermint
  • Pineapple
  • Pomegranate
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Root Beer
  • Spearmint
  • Strawberry
  • Tangerine
  • Toast
  • Tropical Fruit Punch
  • Vanilla
  • Watermelon
  • Wintergreen
Peanuts, almonds, cashews

Add Some Nut Flavors

Peanuts, almonds, cashewsThe fall season is fast approaching which brings some nutty flavors into the lime light!  Northwestern Extract provides baking and confectionery manufacturers with delicious flavors for their unique creations.  Try our natural & sweet tasting almond flavor to enhance cakes, cookies, candy and more.  Or enhance your baked goods with maple syrup, hazelnut and chocolate peanut butter.  Our toasted coconut has a sweet and subtle caramelized profile and is perfect for bakery, candy, sauces, and ice cream.

But wait… these nutty flavors are big sellers in the beverage industry too!  We recommend a premium liqueur with a delicious, irresistible flavor of hazelnuts, herbs and berries; its complex composition gives every sip a different taste, always smooth, warming, and well balanced.  Plus our flavors are water, oil soluble, natural or artificial depending on your needs.  Try creating an almond flavored amaretto or caramelized walnut bourbon for this Fall.  If you’re looking for the best nutty flavors, call us at 1-800-466-3034 or request a complimentary sample at

You will go nuts over our flavors!

Apple tree with apples for picking

Apple Flavors – Tart and Sweet

Apple tree with apples for pickingThe changing colors of autumn, cooler air and early nights remind us of apple picking, backyard bonfires and hot drinks.  Our natural apple flavors run the gamut from sweet to sour and can enhance your favorite cocktail, cider, smoothie or mixer. The vast assortment of tart and sweet apples is abundant, each type offering a different flavor.  A Macintosh apple has sweet and bright flavor, which pairs well with caramel and nutty additions. Granny Smith has a distinct tart and tangy flavor and can be used for sauces and baking.  As there are many varieties of apples, here at Northwestern Extract, we have taken a cue from Mother Nature and use those characteristics to improve our flavors daily.

Try adding cinnamon, anise, ginger, lemon, strawberry or honey or any of our 400 flavors to boost your apple application.

You can create a spicy or very sweet candy beverage with our apple spiced or sour apple flavor.  Not only are Northwestern Extract flavors amazing in any beverage, they can be used in pies, cobblers, cookies, candy, jelly, vinaigrette, cider, tea, butter and ice cream!  Our extracts enhance the apple flavors, even if you are using fresh apples in your recipe.

Contact us today 1-800-466-3034 to sample some of our popular apple flavors or request a sample online at



Distilled Drink Flavoring

Whiskey FlavorWhile beer may be the go-to drink for most Americans, it is hard to deny that America has a history with distilled drinks that is as old as the country itself. Whiskey is an American tradition that stretches back to our founding fathers. In recent years, distilled drinks have begun to make a comeback in popularity among all demographics with over one hundred craft distilleries popping up to satisfy the market need.

With the increased demand in distilled drinks, there has also been a rise in the number of craft distilleries offering not-traditional flavored spirits. While whiskey was historically flavored to cover any impurities, distillers are now adding flavors to help their drinks stand out above the rest. At Northwestern Extract we have the TTB flavorings you need in order to make a real name for yourself with your distilled drinks.

Big players like Jim Beam and Jack Daniels have jumped on the flavor train by rolling out delicious whiskies like spiced cinnamon, black cherry, maple and pumpkin spice. With the popularity of cinnamon and experimenting with some heat there are increased opportunities to make your whiskey unique. Adding a darker, woody flavor can help enhance the natural flavors and allow your drink stand out. Apple, blackberry, maple, ginger, and honey have also proven to be popular flavored whiskeys. Talk with one of our whiskey specialists who can help bring your craft whiskey to a whole new level.

In addition to whiskey, the popularity of vodka based mixed drinks has opened up the market for adding flavor to your vodkas. Who doesn’t love vodka that tastes like cotton candy, apple pie, coffee and even bacon, yum!! Berry and floral flavors work well in a vodka as do specialty flavors such as birthday cake or licorice. Toasted coconut, orange, grapefruit, and even spicier flavors are becoming popular ways to enhance vodka. We have a wide selection of flavors that can help you bring your craft vodka into the spotlight.

Our flavor experts have the expertise to know which Natural, Non-GMO, Kosher-compliant, Allergen-free, Organic-certified, Gluten-free, TTB, WONF flavorings will make your next batch your best batch. We are eager to help you create that next great exotic flavor for your spirits! Let your creative juices flow by trying our toasted coconut, cheesecake, sweet apple, prickly pear, marshmallow concoctions (just to name a few), or check out our large selection of flavored extracts ready to go. Got a new taste in mind…let us create a flavor just for you!

Contact us at 1-800-466-3034 or fill out our Request a Sample on online.

Beer flight

Beer Flavoring

Beer flightAre you looking for a flavor to increase your aroma and taste in your beer?  Many times, brewers will look for a flavor when their production increases, and fresh fruit, purées and juice become too expensive or time consuming to use.  Not only is there the decision making process of which flavors to use in a brew, but there is also the question of how to incorporate the flavor into their beverage with the right balance of aroma and flavor.

Flavors in Beers

Many of our flavor options are perfect for developing your new beers. From the usual fruit flavors that can take your summer IPA selections to the next level, to more unique flavors like peanut butter to help you see a dreamed of peanut butter and jelly stout come to fruition, we have over 400 different flavors that will help you to make the perfect drink. We have the flavors to make your toasted coconut or cinnamon roll porter.  Our flavors can be used with any beer style or to create hard sodas, ciders, and other fruity beverages.

Summer is right around the corner which means that grapefruit, pineapple and tangerine wheat beers and IPAs are going to be in high demand.  We have savory, fruity, or sweet flavors that you will make this your best brewing season.  We can help you expand your drink offerings to produce a delicious cucumber or raspberry Kolsch, helping you to make a name for yourself with your flavorful and aromatic seasonal beers.

TTB Approved Flavors for Beer

Cinnamon, spice and nut flavors are perfect for Octoberfest and other seasonal beers.  We offer many TTB approved and approvable flavors for use in beer and have samples available to test out now and get your beer ready for summer and fall.  Looking for a specific flavor? Order a sample!

Contact us at 1-800-466-3034 or fill out our Request a Sample on online.

Beer Flavor Style:

Pale Ales & IPAs: Orange, Raspberry, Coconut, Strawberry, Grape, Citrus

Shandy: Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry, Orange

Lagers: Honeysuckle, Pear, Toffee, Black Cherry, Almond

Wheat: Peach, Blueberry, Tangerine, Apricot, Pear

Stouts & Porters: Vanilla, Mocha, Licorice, Raisin, Maple, Coconut, Coffee, Peanut Butter

Berry Flavors

Fruity Berry Flavors

Berry Flavors

It’s all about the flavor, right?  Our custom flavors at Northwestern Extract can help you make something special.

Spring is right around the corner – your customers are searching for the next new taste and we can help you create it!  Whether you want a sweet fruity cocktail, an exotic tropical beach or a smooth cucumber melon flavor, we have it!  Our Flavorists create the most tantalizing flavors to accent any drink.  We have over 400 unforgettable flavors to keep you coming back for more.

Exciting Berry Flavors

Get ready for Summer with our exciting sweet berry flavors including raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, huckleberry, boysenberry, and unique mixed berry extracts.  Our flavors will intensify your soda, ice cream, and candies with different types of berry including fruity, candied, tart, tangy and some mouth-watering new creations that pair well with cinnamon, hazelnut, toasted coconut, coffee, almond and chocolate!

Whatever your application, we can assist in finding the right flavor for you.  We offer Natural, Non-GMO, Kosher-compliant, Allergen-free, Organic-certified, Gluten-free, TTB, WONF, etc.  Looking for a specific flavor, order a sample!  Contact us at 1-800-466-3034 or fill out our Request a Sample on online.

With over 100 years in the industry, we are the most knowledgeable and creative flavor house in the world. 

If you can imagine it, we can create it!

Natural raspberry flavoring

Organic Compliant Flavoring and Non-GMO/Natural Flavors

Natural raspberry flavoringWith health-minded consumers, and a focus on product traceability, the natural and organic product markets continue to experience growth. At Northwestern Extract we are pleased to offer a wide variety of flavors for the current market demands. Let our Flavor Chemists create your flavors in accordance to your labeling needs.

Natural, Non-GMO, Organic, Allergen Free, Gluten Free Flavoring

Give us a call and we will walk you through all the options for beer, cider, soda, candy, or whatever interesting, off the wall application you may have.

We already have quite a few natural and/or organic flavors for you to try.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Butter Flavor Natural Type, OS NON GMO
  • Toffee Flavor Natural Type WS NON GMO
  • Berrilicious Flavor Natural Type OS Organic
  • Blueberry Flavor Natural Type OS Organic
  • Cherry Flavor Natural Type OS Organic
  • Strawberry Flavor Natural Type OS Organic
  • Raspberry Flavor Natural Type OS Organic
  • Banana Flavor Natural Type OS Organic
  • Bavarian Cream Flavor Natural Type WS Organic
  • Strawberry Natural Type WS
  • Coconut Flavor, Natural Type OS NON GMO
  • Raspberry Flavor WONF WS
  • Chocolate Flavor Natural Type
  • Grape Flavor Natural Type NON GMO
  • Tangerine Flavor Non GMO
  • Lime Non GMO

Try a sample today and see the difference our flavoring and extracts can make in your food and beverages today!

Cranberry flavoring

Cranberry Flavoring

cranberry-flavoringEveryone knows how cranberry flavor has a tangy and fruity taste all it’s own.  In order to create that unique flavor, here at Northwestern Extract, we have worked hard to perfect cranberry into a flavor profile that is tangy and not overwhelmingly sweet. Recently we developed TTB Natural Cranberry flavors for use in alcoholic beverages. We are happy with the outcome which adds a refreshing and clean fruit note to the beverage.

Our cranberry flavor can be used in almost all applications such as soda, alcoholic beverages, candy and bakery.  Are you looking to enhance the natural flavors in your beer, cider or soda?  This cranberry flavor can add the right notes of tangy to reach the flavor profile and aroma you are looking to create in beers and ciders.  We also recommend to try our cranberry with vanilla or cinnamon to really enhance the flavors in your soda, candy and bakery.

Get a sample of our cranberry flavor today!


Fall spices

Pumpkin Spice Flavoring

Fall spicesWith fall quickly approaching, the pumpkin spice phenomenon is now upon us.  Some people love it and others dread the very word.  Here at Northwestern Extract, we have so much more to offer than the regular pumpkin spice.  We have a such a big array of flavorings for you to try and sample in your beers, ciders and sodas.  If you want your seasonal beers stand out from the rest, we think our flavorist can help you come up with something that will help entice fellow beer drinkers.

Here are some flavors we recommend you try:

  • Butter Pecan
  • Anise
  • Hazelnut
  • Macadamia Nut
  • Nutmeg
  • Pecan
  • Pumpkin
  • Toasted Coconut
  • Toffee