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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and New Year from our family here at Northwestern Extract! We are looking forward to 2016 with some new flavors and extracts to introduce.  We will be making more TTB and natural flavorings for your popcorn, candies, beer and more.  We can’t wait for you to try out our new flavors and enjoy the old favorites too.  We are always looking to create the flavors you need so feel free to give us a call and get something started today.  We are committed to providing the highest quality products, the best personal service to give you the greatest value.  Thank you for your business and we look forward to creating new flavors with you!

brewers conference 2015

Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo of America

LOOK FOR US AT : The Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo of America
In Portland, OR
April 14th through the 17th
Booth # 1850

CraftBrewersConference2015This year we will have several of our new flavors for you to take home and try in your beers and sodas at The Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo of America. We are excited to share with you our natural root beer soda, red velvet cake soda, and our amazing sweet and salty bacon cream soda.   

For those beer lovers we will have flavor samples including blueberry, hazelnut, tangerine and red velvet. We will also have flavor samples in bottles for you to take home and try at your brewery. We will be featuring a bottle cap dart board. A bullseye will get you a free gallon of flavor (your choice) or a case of bottle caps. Come and try out your dart skills and talk flavors with us.

Northwestern Extract has been involved in the brewing industry since the company’s inception as a brewing supply business. The company has branched out since then, but the brewing industry remains an important niche for us. As a manufacturer of beverage flavors and distributor of bottle caps and grains, the brewers conference is a great way to reach out to customers, showcasing our latest products and flavor and brewing capability

In addition to playing a key role in brewers beer, we have been instrumental in expanding brewer’s business in the soda manufacturing line. If you have a bottling line that may be idle, let us show you how to maximize your facilities.  Download our manufacturing of soda guide to get started with craft soda. Soda manufacturing allows you to create and expand an entire new field for your brewery. The rising popularity of craft sodas will continue to be a growing sector for the beverage industry. At Northwestern Extract, we go further in your beverage needs with our experienced flavorists. What flavor can we create for you?

Stop by our booth number 1850 and find out what Northwestern Extract can do for your business.  Whether you are a start-up, a regional, or national brand we look forward to meeting you and making some valuable connections.

Sherrie from Northwestern Extract

Meet Our Application Guru Sherrie

SherrieWe would like to introduce Sherrie Howe.  Sherrie has been in the food industry on some level for over 42 years. While working simultaneously in the printing field in pre press for 20 years, she knew technology was going to leave her in the dust, so she also started her own mini food manufacturing company in 2001, doing bread mixes and other dry blends.  She joined Northwestern Extract in 2006 when the printing company folded. Hooking up with Northwestern Extract was a perfect fit.

Sherrie is responsible for Quality Control testing of raw ingredients and finished products, creating Certificate of Analysis, and sending out flavor sample requests.  Her favorite part of working with flavors is applying them to different applications such as desserts and bakery to see how they hold up under different conditions and usage levels to provide customers with the best options available.  She loves a challenge with applications and is always up for a new one.

In her spare time, she works and manages her own company, spends time with her 5 parrots (3 are rescues) which are a handful.  Sherrie is also a certified Reiki Master/Instructor.

Please feel free to contact your sales representative to find out how Sherrie can help find the right ingredients for your application, no matter what it is or fill out a flavor sample.

Northwestern Extract Flavorist Joy

Meet Our Flavorist Joy

joyWe would like to introduce Joy Souders. Joy is a skilled and competent flavorist with more than 28 years of flavor experience.  She started her flavorists career working in a flavor sample room where she watched and learned. She sampled the smells and flavors and also worked with flavor integration and combinations.  She then moved up to work as a flavor lab technician.  Joy’s natural ability and talent to identify and characterize flavors shortly led her to creating new flavors.  Joy continues to create and expand our flavor recipes.

At Northwestern Extract Company, our business is flavors, and our flavorists have been the key components of our business for over 100 years!

From our founder August C. O. Peter who started creating flavors for the large and small town soda companies throughout the Midwest to our Flavor specialists today, these vital people are the foundation of our ability to provide you with creative and dynamic flavors for your business growth.

Whether you are a start up business or a nationwide player, Joy has worked closely with flavors on any scale.

Joy is not only dedicated flavorist, her passion gives rise to her farm with her significant other where they raise cattle and farms over 300 acres!  When Joy is not working for Northwestern Extract, she enjoys taking trail riding trips all over the U.S. with her horse Pepper and friends.  She also enjoys being outdoors, whether it is taking a walk, or just hanging out on the farm.

One of the big trends that Joy is excited about is seeing in the flavor industry is Organic and NON GMO flavors starting to escalate.  Joy’s favorite part about being a flavorist is being able to be creative and make flavors with her own signature on them.  With all the challenges in ingredients, regulations and the use of specific application with flavors, she finds it rewarding to find recipes from our 100 year old book or create a flavor just for you.

She specializes in sweet, dairy and savory flavors.

Please feel free to contact your sales representative to find out how Joy can make your flavors POP!

Northwestern Extract Flavorist David

Meet our Flavorist David

daveAs an ongoing profile of our NWE team we would like to introduce two of our outstanding flavorists.

David Maine has been with NWE for over 8 years and has brought a great deal of knowledge and insight into the fascinating world of flavors.

David began his career in flavors in the early 90’s.  He started out, as many do, working as an intern Flavor Lab Technician under a Master Flavorist.  He was accepted into, and trained to be a Certified Flavor Chemist by the Society of Flavor Chemists (SOFC). David joined Northwestern Extract in 2006.

David is a master at blending his vast flavor knowledge with our customers desires to create a specific flavor profile. Completing this process and creating exactly what our customers are looking for with his extensive training and his creative ability, makes David a top notch member of OUR NWE team.

The foundation of flavors is brought out in our senses.  Keeping that very unique description in kind, David keeps flavors in the family and David is married to a Sensory Scientist and has two awesome boys. When he is not busy creating flavors at Northwestern Extract, he is busy keeping up with his boys, and coaching soccer, baseball and football programs.

As one of our outstanding Flavor Technician’s, David brings that highly specialized art and creativity that is as much of a science to his job. He looks forward to working closely with you, our customers and will bring his specialized knowledge to assist with your flavor needs.

When you are in need of a special flavor for your sodas, candies or to top your popcorn, Call Northwestern Extract today at 1-800-466-3034.


Cheers! Happy New Year from Northwestern Extract

2014We would like to thank all of you and wish you and your family a happy and safe 2014.  We have new and exciting flavors we are getting ready for you in 2014.  If you are in need of any new flavors we are always here to help you explore any flavor needs you have.  Thank you for all of your business in 2013, we are always striving to come up with the latest and greatest flavors possible.  We look forward to a great 2014!


Happy Holidays from Northwestern Extract

candycane-smNorthwestern Extract Company has been family owned and operated for over 100 years and we would like to  wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season.  We are thankful for customers like you during this time of reflection and gratitude.  We are committed to helping your business succeed through quality extracts and flavoring.  Everyone here at Northwestern Extract is looking forward to an exciting and flavorful 2014.

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Michael Peter is the New President at NWE

As head of Northwestern Extract Company I want to thank all of you who have supported Northwestern Extract Company as solid business partners in an ever changing world. my past almost 40 years with Northwestern Extract Company has rewarding and challenging. As we enter our next stage of development I look forward to Michael creating new possibilities and products. His proven production capability and success’ within the last nine years at Northwestern Extract Company has positioned him well for his new role. His forward thinking, and experience is invaluable to our organization.

I will continue my role as CEO of Northwestern Extract Company. I look forward to Mike being at the helm of the company.

And again, thank you all!

William A. Peter

Welcome our new President – Michael Peter!

We at Northwestern Extract Company are very proud to announce that Michael Peter has been named as the company’s new President. Carrying on our family business, and moving Northwestern Extract Company forward as a leader the food and beverage industry.

Michael, as President of Northwestern Extract Company is charged with leading the company in manufacturing and production through its next phase of market expansion quality growth.  He will be carrying on a proud family business and tradition. mike1

“I am pleased to be leading the company at this time of rapid growth and I look forward to strengthening the company’s market position as a leader in our unique flavor business,” said Peter. “Recently we have made decisions that will bring our array of products to the marketplace through enhanced sales development and web exposure. Those additions should dramatically increase widespread product expansion, exposure and development and will reinforce the value of our company and its products. I am very fortunate to be leading a company with great people, leadership and vision.”

Mike will focus on developing new business, strategic product development as well as retaining our valued partnerships and relationships that Northwestern Extract Company has created over the last century.  In an ever changing environment Mike looks forward to the challenges that he will face. His experience and leadership will help us capitalize on the rapidly growing markets and scalable labor solutions for his view for expanded growth.

“Michael’s impressive history at Northwestern Extract Company of uncovering opportunities and closing deals will help us build strong partnerships and expand our enterprise customer base. His commitment to build around teamwork and company development are strengths that will propel Northwestern Extract Company in the years to come. We are very excited to welcome him as our new president,” said William Peter.