Tiger’s Blood Flavoring

Tigers Blood Flavoring Snow ConeEven though summer is winding down, there is still time to let us help you create the perfect snow cone flavor. When it comes to shaved ice, arguably the most popular flavor today is Tiger’s Blood. This fruity flavor combines the fresh taste of strawberry with the sweet, sugary flavor of watermelon and a subtle hint of coconut. Pool goers are not the only ones to take note of this flavor. Recently, Tiger’s Blood ice cream, sorbet, and gelato have increased in popularity. Tiger’s Blood punches, sparkling waters, cocktails, and mixed drinks are sweet alternatives to the typical party beverage.

At Northwestern Extract, we have an extensive selection of fruity flavors and we can provide you with right combination of flavors to create the perfect Tiger’s Blood sweet treat or drink. We can make this using natural and artificial sweeteners.  Give us a call to get a new flavor started today.

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